A guide to our Club Shop ordering process

how is my order processed?

ADM Club Shop orders are handled differently than other online transactions. The transactions are unique because the items in the Club Shop are frequently customised. Therefore, the ADM team needs to schedule your order. The process allows our production team the time to embroider, print and personalise efficiently. Creating this efficient production process allows ADM to offer this facility for FREE. It also means we will offer our customers competitive prices on personalised items.

Your Club Shop’s prices and designs will have been agreed upon with your kit officer. So, before you purchase your items, please ensure you are aware of ADM’s lead times, delivery methods and delivery dates. The lead times and delivery would have been agreed upon between ADM and your kit officer. If you are unsure of how the Club Shop works, please ensure you get confirmation from the individual who has taken on the responsibility to set up your online shop with ADM before ordering. Furthermore, if you are ordering on behalf of someone else, please ensure you have been made aware of how Club Shop orders are processed and dispatched before contacting ADM for order updates.

For information and questions, please email [email protected]

The Club Shop process

Items are required to be customised and processed along with all other orders placed within the Club Shop and distributed at the same time. The ordering system works differently from a standard eCommerce order which is not customised with logos or sponsorship.
The majority of club shops are open for a set period. The ADM team then collates all orders after the closing date. ADM does not hold stock of every item, the products ordered from ADM need to be obtained from our suppliers. Our production team then schedules the items for embroidery or printing, allowing all orders from your Club Shop window to be processed and shipped together. Due to the process, dispatch of Club Shop orders may take 3-4 weeks.

However, some shops do remain constantly open without a closing date. The orders received for online shops that remain open are then processed on a two-week basis. Again, this allows enough time for orders to be generated so that the items can then be put into production at the same time and dispatched accordingly. Plus, dispatch for these Club Shop orders usually takes 3-4 weeks from the processing date and NOT the customer order date.

ordering from multiple club shops

This is not permitted and will only lead to delays and possible issues with the order, as each club shop is processed independently of another club shop. Individuals who are members of more than one club shop should complete separate transactions for each club shop order. This is because items in different shops are customised differently and opening and closing dates may also vary.

how is my order delivered?

central address option

Your items will be dispatched to the central address agreed on your Club Shop, unless another address has otherwise been agreed with your kit officer. The kit officer will then check the orders and distribute them to members. Any dispute with regards to items not being delivered would have to be reported within 7 days of dispatch. Unless notified by ADM the kit officer is responsible for distributing all orders and any issues with items either not collected by the customer or distributed by the kit officer must be taken up with the kit officer directly and not ADM.

individual addresses

In some circumstances, the kit officer would have agreed that your online club shop orders are to be sent directly to the customer. However, the customer must choose the suitable postage option.

the importance of information

For all online orders, please ensure that you include your mobile or preferred telephone number, email address and postal address to avoid any delays and ensure notifications are received from both ADM and the courier.

what happens if my item is out of stock?

Live stock information is not available on the online system. However, it is hoped that all the online items are in stock with our suppliers at the time of ordering.


Customers will be contacted directly if there are any deficits with their order and given the following options:

  • We will offer you a full refund for the item that is out of stock.
  • We will issue you with a new delivery date for products affected – part orders will be shipped.
  • We will offer you the option to change the product, size or colour.

Thank you from the team

The ADM team hope that you are happy with your customised items and that you have enjoyed the benefits of ordering via our ADM online Club Shop portal. Thank you for your past current or future order, the ADM team appreciates your support.