ADM brand quality personalised teamwear without the high price tag

Brand quality personalised teamwear is a range of sports clothing that can be personalised for PE kits, school kits, college gear or sports teams. Personalise your brand quality teamwear by utilising ADM’s customisation online tool. The ADM brand quality personalised teamwear is perfect for any school kits and PE kits, plus sports teams looking for a high-quality technical range of clothing and equipment.

Benefits of ADM brand quality personalised teamwear

ADM brand quality personalised teamwear is reliable, durable and innovative. The attention to detail is a top priority, from stitching and seams to unique design touches and new product development. The ADM teamwear collection is a credible, premium quality alternative to high profile team sport brands. ADM’s custom clothing range is stylish, comfortable and has a modern design, a stylish range that includes polo t-shirts, jackets, mid-layers, contact tops, hoodies and gilets. All these can all be custom printed or embroidered with a school kit and PE kit logo, college crest or club identity. 

Sportswear That Stands Out From The Other Teams 

The brand quality personalised team wear range enables you to purchase a high-quality brand of teamwear, equal to some leading brands just at a more affordable price. Furthermore, the fabrics are all equal to those available from major brands in the personalised teamwear market.  

ADM is one of the UK’s best suppliers of school kits and PE kits, offering massive discounts on all customisable quality brand sportswear. Order online today or call 01942 498 120 for a FREE competitive quote.


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Choose from a selection of adm teamwear styles

All ADM brand quality personalised teamwear garments meet the increasing demand for ‘fit for purpose’ training wear. From professional, corporate and educational team sports to grassroots juniors and individuals, the range is designed and developed to provide technical and functional performance that goes the extra mile, not to mention the added style and value.

Top brand quality without the brand, check out the ADM teamwear styles below. We know you will be impressed with the options.

adm edge collection teamwear

Release your potential with the ADM Edge collection. The ADM Edge collection takes team sports clothing to the next level. The new fully coordinated ‘Edge’ team and training range is now available from stock. The Edge teamwear consists of seven trendy styles, including the tech training-tee, the modern polo, a premium mid-layer, heavyweight polyester hoody, a lightweight gilet and contact tops, plus a fully weatherproof quarter zip hooded jacket. The ADM Edge range is unique and distinctive due to its subtle contrast colour panelling and signature “Edge” print design along with the use of premium technical fabrics. Customise the edge team wear collection with our online customisation tool. Easy to use, upload your school kit logo or club logo and personalise your clothing in minutes today.

the adm premium teamwear range

Time to revive your school kits, PE kits or sports club teamwear with the ADM Premium teamwear collection. Our technical teamwear range allows you to purchase high-quality personalised teamwear of equal quality to leading brands but at a more affordable price. The fabric, style and cut of garments are all comparable to those available from leading brands within the personalised teamwear market. 

ADM’s teamwear range includes:
  • Stylish Pro Hoodie,
  • Modern ADM Pro Tee,
  • Contemporary Soft Training Pant
  • The Popular Contact Top


Our ADM teamwear range is perfect for junior sports kits and senior sports clubs, university, college and school PE kit and sports kit. Furthermore, the range offers an embroidered or printed logo and branding option.

Plus, the ADM Premium teamwear collection has over 50 styles obtainable from ADM’s UK stock. Offering a quick turnaround and delivery on all items ordered. Check out the hassle-free online customisation tool, customise your choice of unbranded training wear online today.

For a range of bespoke PE kits and sports kits at competitive prices click here


the iGen teamwear range

Explore the iGen teamwear collection, perfect for revamping your school sports kits and PE kits. The iGen team wear meets growing demands for high-spec sportswear in the educational sector. Including the modern 4-piece school sports kit and PE kit range, made from premium quality 180gsm polyester fabric.
It’s ultra-soft, durable, quick-drying and fit for purpose, the iGen team wear range, designed for the educational sector. Furthermore, the iGen range includes female fit polo and skort combinations, unisex polos and game style shorts. The iGen range is available as individual garments or is available in sets with ten colour combinations. Plus they are available from stock for immediate delivery. Great news for parents, all the iGen team wear pieces are durable and designed to withstand wear and tear. Our proven track record of fit for purpose, premium quality garments combined with a UK stock supported service, fast turnaround times and excellent customer service means you are in safe hands with the iGen teamwear collection from ADM.
Customise the ADM iGen range with our online customisation tool. Personalise your iGen PE kits and sports kits with a school logo today.

base layers collection

Browse the ADM Baselayer collection, choose from a standard kit or customise your chosen baselayer product online using our easy to use customisation tool. Our all-purpose baselayers are one of our best selling ranges from ADM, consisting of long sleeve tops, close fit short and close fit tights available in up to 5 colours.

The 4-way power stretch spandex fabric provides “next to the skin” comfort and flexibility, regulates the body temperature and is quick drying. Baselayers are perfect for school PE kits, sports kits, colleges and all other team sports. Furthermore, ADM has years of experience in providing customers with excellent service and quality merchandise.

Top brand quality without the brand, check out the ADM’s baselayer range. We know you will be impressed with the options.


ADM Unisex And Female Sizes

Our ADM team wear range is a fully co-ordinated range with the season on season continuity across all garment sizes. Furthermore, the team wear has a wide selection of fully stocked unisex, men’s sizes and women’s sizes too. Our custom teamwear range caters for all age groups across unisex sizes then the ADM teamwear collection is the choice for your school, college or club team.

Unisex Fitted Collection

Premium quality unisex team wear with a host of high spec features and available in several striking colourways. ADM’s unisex sports kit is offered in numerous sizes, catering for all age groups.

Looking to kit out all age groups with school sports kit, PE kits or sports clubs team wear with one unified custom kit? Yes, then the ADM teamwear collection lets you do it, with sizes from XSY through to XXXL.

Female Fitted Collection

ADM offers a variety of women’s team wear designed for comfort, performance and durability. Available in junior and adult sizing our range is perfect for all-purpose training and school sports kits. The stylish outerwear leggings have fast become the default garment for all women’s sports. All available from stock, you can buy standard sports kits or customise your kit online using the hassle-free customisation tool from ADM.

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ADM school or club shop, set your FREE webshop up today

The following steps will help to make your ordering process easy, enabling all your club members or students to order online. When you are satisfied with the prices quoted, follow these easy steps and start ordering from your online shop. 

Require assistance, call 01942 498120 and a team member will help with creating your online shop.


Step 1 – Confirm that you are happy with the custom teamwear quote from ADM and request your free online shop.

Step 2 – Send in any logos that are to be customised. If necessary confirm any text   to be used.

Step 3 – ADM will create your online shop within days. You can share the link and login details with the relevant players and members who can order and pay online.

Step 4 – The shop will close at an agreed time and date. ADM will collate all orders after this time and will process all orders received. The chosen teamwear will then be customised in-house by our experts and delivered quickly to you.

choose adm for your personalised school or club teamwear

ADM recognises the importance of delivering quality custom sports kits to its customers. Furthermore, we understand a good reputation is crucial too and giving customers what they require is something we do with pride, especially when it comes to personalised team wear.
Established over 20 years ago, ADM has earned a reputation for giving exceptional customer service, plus quick guaranteed delivery. Pick ADM Direct for all your custom teamwear items. Choose from standard sports kits or utilise the online customisation tool to create your sports kits new look.

need to know

The exacting quality assurance procedures mean all garments are delivered to the highest standard in design, detail and durability.

Frequent wash and wear, combined with an increasingly knowledgeable consumer, means that garments are simply expected to perform, look great and last longer.

Every style comes with it’s own technical ‘fit for purpose’ performance guides.



All manufacturers associated with the production of these products subscribe to a range of recognised ethical trading initiatives, such as BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and recognise their social and corporate responsibilities to their employees, buyers and end users.

Garments are produced and delivered under conditions that do not abuse or exploit any persons or the environment.

These considerations form part of any evaluation and selection criteria for this range. In order to support and maintain such responsibilities, all manufacturers are visited on a regular basis.

This also helps to ensure that all employers within the factories are able to meet the key principles relating to working hours, forced labour, and
the overall working environment, including accommodation.

Quality you can see, feel and trust


A proven quality procedure is integral to manufacturing suitable garments which fit and function according to their intended use, giving ‘the buyer’ confidence in
the product. Quality is rigorously controlled at all stages.


Designed and developed in the UK and manufactured by hand picked specialist partners. Close attention is paid to reinforcing garments in all the right places and specifying suitable fabrics in order to reduce returns.


All approved factories have in-house, quality control procedures. In addition, a team of independent experts are trained to work exclusively on this range, ensuring every garment detail is monitored and tested to the highest standard.


The Oeko-tex standard is an independent, testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished and finished textile products such as; yarns, raw dyed fabrics and knits and ready made articles of various types.


Testing for harmful substances includes:

Illegal substances
Legally regulated substances Known harmful chemicals (unregulated) Parameters of healthcare

In their entirety, the requirements of Oeko-tex exceed existing legislation. The Oeko-tex criteria helps highlight the additional benefits of safety tested textiles.

Please note, not all trims and com- ponents in these garments carry the Oeko-tex standard. However, any such elements are tested in accordance with Oeko-tex whenever possible as part of an ongoing commitment to improving both environmental and ethical practices throughout the supply chain.

In a competitive garment industry full of complex regulations, it is imperative for manufacturers, retailers, importers and distributors to proactively evaluate fabrics and trims to ensure they are producing the highest quality.

The fabric and trims utilised in this range are tested exclusively by Intertek to in- ternational standards.

customisation made easy!

Add your club logo or school identity to your chosen team wear. Get creative with our online customisation tool before you purchase. Furthermore, share your favourite designs with friends and colleagues. Order with confidence online and ADM will bring your custom teamwear to life. Using our experience and expertise to ensure you are happy with the sporting goods ordered.

A guideline to creating personalised teamwear


Step 1 – Choose your clothing from the adm teamwear collection

Search the range of teamwear and choose your items. Shop and choose your polo t-shirts, training top, mid-layers, contact tops, jackets and pants for you.


Step 2 – Let’s Get Customising

ADM has developed a simple online customisation tool that lets you add your logos, text or any personalisation needed including any names and numbers. Try out the customisation tool before you order and get creative. Or if you are feeling confident start adding customisation to your teamwear straight away. Add your embroidered custom logo and view your design before you hit the buy button.


Step 3 – Pay Online Or Request A Quote

Once you are done designing and are happy with your finalised custom teamwear then you can either pay online or request a final quote that you can share with others.


Step 4 – Let ADM Customise It

Once ADM has received confirmation of the order and payment, a member of our staff will be in touch to confirm the details supplied and advise on expected delivery date. Our customisation experts will then bring your personalised teamwear design to life to ensure that you are happy.


Get discounted teamwear and quick delivery on all clothing.


how to order guide
customiser example

Benefits to customising teamwear with ADM

ADM understands the importance of delivering quality custom merchandise to customers. We know reputation is relevant, which is why ADM take pride in providing customers with their personalised teamwear. Furthermore, ADM was established over 20 years ago in which time they have gained a reputation for offering excellent customer service with fast guaranteed delivery, so give ADM Direct a try for all custom teamwear.

Whatever your sporting choice, whether it be football or rugby, netball or hockey, cricket or running, we can customise the sports kits and other products most suitable for you. Offering on-field and off-field gear, the ADM teamwear range has an extensive assortment of clothing and equipment to choose. Creating and personalising your teamwear will help your increase team identity, increase brand awareness of the club, improve the image of your school’s sports kit or college sports kit and stand out from the competition.

ADM has developed an online customisation tool that allows the customer to create their perfect personalised teamwear in a few clicks. Plus, the ADM teamwear collection is available from stock, enabling a quick delivery service with no reason to delay.

Call 01942 498 120 and speak with a member of our team about custom sports kits. 


which to choose?

ADM will generate a digitised template that provides our advance embroidery machines with the capacity to stitch your logo directly onto the teamwear chosen. This technology makes certain that the design is perfect.
Furthermore, our investment in the latest embroidery machines allows us to embroider numerous teamwear clothes or items at once, making big orders easy for our team.

ADM Direct provide a selection of printing options for various clothing. Vinyl printing is excellent for personalised names and numbers on your adm teamwear. Furthermore, vinyl printing is the preferred choice for customising football shirts, training tops and different jackets from adm that have nylon fabrics.

We offer an affordable digital printing option. Your digital print is transferred to your personalised teamwear using heat. Furthermore, the advance machinery cuts your branding or image from a section of vinyl, then the ADM team will remove the leftover vinyl. Additionally, the team will then place your logo on the teamwear from adm and our advance machinery completes the print.

Screen printing is one of the best high-quality methods for high volume orders of custom clothing. Furthermore, we can produce unique quality screen printed personalised adm teamwear when the logos are more intricate and they need to be visible from distance. Screen printing is ideal for bulk orders of adm teamwear as it is competitively priced, plus allows for a speedy turnaround.


Yes, you can choose to request a quote at check out or you can contact us on 01942 498120 and request a quote from one of our experts. ADM staff will then provide a full quotation that can be past onto the finance office so a purchase order can be sent to ADM . On receipt of the purchase order adm can start the ordering process.

Yes, when you are satisfied with the prices quoted, follow these easy steps and start ordering from your online shop.

Step 1– Confirm that you are happy with the quote from ADM and request your free online shop.

Step 2– Send in any logos that are to be customised.

Step 3– ADM will create your online shop within days. You can share the link and login details with the relevant people and members who can order and pay online.

Step 4– The shop will close at an agreed time and date. ADM will collate all orders after this time and will process all orders received. The custom teamwear will then be embroidered and printed in-house by our experts and delivered quickly to you

Yes, ADM will endeavour to price match or better any like for like quote. We offer a quick and reliable delivery service too. ADM is one of the UK market leaders in personalised cheap quality teamwear. Offering a fantastic choice of items from stock, in house embroidery and print machinery ADM have the flexibility and capacity to meet any tight schedule on budget.

Yes. You can order a sample for a charge. If you are unsure about size ordering, ADM advises ordering a size sample. A size sample will reduce any additional costs when confirming the final order as these samples can then be used.

We provide a size guide for most of the brands on the website including the adm ranges. You can find the correct size instructions for adm here. The available size guides are included on the product pages too. Please note, customised garments are non-returnable. We suggest that you take extra care when ordering personalised branded teamwear, especially if you are ordering for other people. Sizing and clothing types differ from suppliers and various brands. ADM advise that you are mindful of this when ordering different brands.

For best results when customising your choice of teamwear adm would prefer

Printed logos

a vector art file from Illustrator or coreldraw (.eps, .ai, .cdr) gives the best results and is much easier for us to work with.

Our staff then use the latest software and machinery to print the logos onto your adm clothing chosen

Embroidered logos

a hi-resolution bitmap or .jpeg (300 dpi+).

once the logo has been digitised adm embroider the items ordered using the latest hi-tech machinery. these machines provide adm with the capacity and flexibility to handle any size of order.

for the majority of text only embroidery there is no set up charge. adm have a choice of fonts that the customer can choose from, please contact adm for details. if a specific font is not available an origination charge would be incurred.

Discounted teamwear supplied by ADM is available mainly from stock. Current stock levels are indicated on the product page when choosing the colour and size. Clothing or items requiring no embroidery or print can be dispatched immediately within 5-7 days from order and payment received. Customised clothing including teamwear from adm take between 1 and 3 weeks for delivery. ADM have the capacity and flexibility to meet any deadline where required.

embroidered quality teamwear

printed quality teamwear

Personalising sports kits and teamwear with club logos or school crests adds value and quality to sports kits and PE kits. Recreate intricately designed logos using an up to 15 different colours embroidery.

Get logos and branding seen from a distance. Personalisation that requires noticing is printed on the back of the teamwear and will be done by our experts using a vinyl print, screen printing or a digital print process.

download edge brochure

download premium brochure

download radial cricket brochure

benefits to bulk buy personalised teamwear from adm

ADM is one of the market leaders in supplying affordable personalised team wear. Furthermore, we are one of the UK’s best sports kits suppliers offering discounts off the RRP on team wear items, making teamwear not as expensive as you might think.

Since 1996, ADM has continually supplied high-quality personalised team wear at competitive prices. Plus offering a more generous discount when you order in bulk. We offer low prices on all teamwear from ADM and endeavours to price match where possible. 

For more details on our bulk buying discounts, contact the ADM today.

hoodies collection

ADM hoodies have quality and style, making them some of the best around. Our hoodies are manufactured using premium quality fabrics with a host of high spec features and available in several striking colourways.

polo shirt collection

Explore the ADM polo shirt range designed to look smart and stay smart. Made using fit for purpose quality fabrics and tested for durability the range of polo t-shirts are suited to all team sports.

jacket collection

Choose your ADM jacket, coat or gilet online. Our selection of outerwear has something for every team and sport for any season. Packed with loads of technical features including showerproof, thermal, breathable, hooded and lined the jacket collection from ADM will protect the athlete in any weather.

midlayers collection

Choose from a trio of mid-layers from ADM. Each design features a quarter zip, anti-pill fleece reverse and thermal balance. Available in 2-9 colourways, customisable and ready for delivery from UK stock.

training tee collection

Refresh your training gear with the collection of training t-shirts from ADM. The modern t-shirt design comes in a range of colours and as with all our styles are available for customising with your own brand identity and available from UK stock. Customise online using the ADM easy to use customisation tool.

bag collection

Browse the ADM collection of attractive and functional kit bags. Offering generous capacity and a variety of features they are an essential part of any athletes training kit. ADM collection of kit bags are easy to customise using the adm online customisation tool.