printed logos - what are your options?

Here’s everything you need to know so you can order your own printed clothing, teamwear and sportswear with adm….

printed logos work best with larger designs, more complicated artwork and when the logo needs to stand out or be seen from distance.

elevate your personalised clothing and add a printed logo to enhance image – try our easy to use customiser tool today.

what is a printed logo?

ADM have been printing clothes and promotional items for over 25 years. Our experience adm team, specialise in screen print, digital print and vinyl transfer printing direct to garment and other promotional items. The best print method for your logo will be determined by a number of factors. Let the adm team advise on the best print option for your logo. If you have a particular preference to the choice of print method you would prefer then please advise the adm team who will aim to accommodate your choice. ADM use the latest print machinery and software to recreate your logo for print so producing a quality printed logo that enhances the customised item or clothing chosen.

What file format is required for printing?

To produce the best possible print the team at adm would require your logo as a vector file. Vector artwork is usually created via software such as illustrator. Vector files are best formatted as an .ai, .eps, .cdr or .pdf files. Vector artwork needs to be supplied in the highest resolution. A minimum of 300 dpi is recommended. Jpeg and bitmap files are normally of poor quality as the artwork tends to be of a lower resolution. Original vector artwork will help the adm print team produce the quality printed promotional clothing range you require.

Tip:  In Illustrator, select “Create Outlines”. This will convert all your fonts withini the artwork into text shapes and make them ready to be printed.

For optimum quality the best file format to use is a vector file. ADM can recreate your logos in a vector format if required for a small fee.

print options explained

ADM have been printing promotional clothing for over 25 years. The options available include ink screen printing, digital prints and vinyl transfer printing all direct to garment and promotional items. Below we provide an overview of each print process available from adm.

Screen Printing

The traditional form of screen printing ensures that the logo doesn’t fade and remains like new no mater how many times the clothing is washed. There are different options on how the finished printed logo will look with a variety of inks that can be used to create the look required. Depending on the quantity both manual and automatic machines are used by our adm team. Screen printing is ideal for bulk orders due to the low cost of the application charge so making it an ideal process for printed promotional items.

Digital Printing

This process allows for a digital image to be printed directly onto garments and promotional items. The digital file is then transferred directly to the digital print machine. the image quality needs to be of a high resolution to create a sharp digital print that is then cut to size and applied to the garment or item using heat and pressure.

Vinyl Transfer Prints

Heat transfer printing starts by transferring the outlined artwork to a plotter machine. this machine cuts the vinyl via special software using a rotating blade. The vinyl material is then cut and excess material is weeded out leaving the design or lettering. The vinyl material is then applied to the garment or promotional item using heat using a heat bed machine that is operated by experience staff at adm.

Will I see artwork proof of the printed logo before production?

Yes, before we start production customers will receive an electronic graphic illustration, usually a .pdf file to approve. All artwork approved confirms that production of the order can start. If erros are notified after approval changes cannot be made once production starts. Associated costs would then have to be paid by the customer. Sampling can be provided but additional charges would apply and delivery dates may be extended. Once signed off, the printed logo will be positioned correctly on the garments as agreed and the quality maintained by our experienced staff.

How much does a printed logo cost?

Printing prices are outlined below. Further discounts are available for larger orders.  When using the online customisation tool to add your printed logo to the garments chosen, the prices for each application will be automatically added to your basket. A guideline for what to expect can be seen below.

  • Print Origination Fee – £30.00 (One Off Cost)
  • Printed Logo – £3.50 (Up to 2 colours)
  • Printed Multi Coloured Logo – (£4.50)
  • Printed Text – £3.00 (Text Across Shoulders)
  • Printed Player Name – £3.25 (Printed Across Shoulders)
  • Printed Player Number – £300 (Printed On Back Large)

Can you match pantone colours for my printed logo?

For screen printing we can match pantone colours exactly. For digital prints we can’t match precisely pantone colours but we will be very close! Vinyl transfer prints use coloured vinyl material from stock so customers have a range of colours to choose from but pantone colour matches are not closely matched in most cases.

What do you mean by an origination charge for printing?

The origination charge is a “one off’ cost to set up your logo ready for print. Once paid the artwork is kept on record for future orders. The cost to set up your logo ready for print is £30.00 inc VAT. If the artwork file is not supplied as an original vector file a further artwork charge would apply of £18.00 inc VAT. Any changes to the artwork for future jobs would result in these charges being applied again.

Steps to ordering your printed items online at adm?

Our website makes it easy for you to order your printing clothing to get exactly what you need. The options for printing your items include text, numbers, graphics and images in a number of different colours in a variety of positions on a made up garment or promotional items.

  • Decide on your products from our website
  • Upload your original logo for print via our online customiser tool
  • Know your quantities and sizes
  • Pay online or request a quote via the quote request button
  • The adm team will be in touch to confirm the order and request approval of the artwork generated.

Take the hassle out of ordering your printed promotional clothing and let the adm team do the hard work!

Benefits of using adm for your printed clothing

  • experienced staff – some of our staff have worked for adm for over 25 years
  • state of the art print machines and latest software in-house
  • quality vinyls and inks
  • quality end product supplied – print quality, consistent position and aligned correctly on garment
  • flexibility to cater for large orders and meet tight customer deadlines.
  • quick reliable delivery
  • competitive prices and discounts for large orders

Frequently Asked Questions

do you have any tips to help create the perfect logo for print?

we can recreate anything from complex logos to standard text and numbers for print, please take into consideration the following

  • artwork should be supplied as an original vector file for best quality
  • other file formats should be a minimum 300dpi but an additional artwork charge may still be required depending on the print process used
  • avoid small text – as a general rule text should be no smaller than 3/4mm in height
  • make sure the products chosen are suitable for print, for example fleece jackets and some bulky items may not be possible to print
  • plan your design and share your design ideas with friends and teammates to avoid delays

I can't supply my logos in the correct format?

dont worry, adm can recreate the logos in the correct format for a nominal fee

can you print a logo that has been copyrighted?

No, it is illegal to reproduce a logo that has been copyrighted. Big fines could be imposed on the customer and adm so unless we get permission from the creator we just will not take the risk. We are often approached to recreate football logos from the Premier League, teams such as Liverpool FC or Manchester City but we always say no.

Is there a choice of letter font styles to choose from?

yes, there are a number of specific letter fonts available for text only print or when adding text to an existing design. request information from the adm team who will be happy to advise. fonts not available can still be recreated but an origination cost may be charged.

is there a minimum quantity?

it will depend on the print process used. for screen printing there are minimum quantity of 6. For digital and vinyl transfer prints there is no minimum requirement, however there is an additional minimum surcharge for new orders of 3 or less.

how big will my printed logo?

this will depend on the type of item chosen and the position of the print on the item. the adm team can provide the approximate size of the printed design before production starts

is there a limit to the number of colours in my logo that can be printed?

yes, for screen printing as each colour is printed separately onto the promotional items the maximum number of colours would be 5. For digital prints there are no limits so this process is used alot for multi coloured logos and photograph images. For vinyl transfer prints the maximum would be 4 but normally only 1 or 2 colour designs are printed using the vinyl transfer process.

Can i see proof of artwork?

yes, before we produce your printed items we will email over a prrof of artwork. This will show how your design will look on the items ordered. You will need to provide approval and check the colours, sizes, position of logos and any spellings. Once approved production will start and no further changes can be made without incurring any additional fees.

How long will my order of printed promotional items take to delivery?

once confirmed the order for printed items will be delivered in approximately 2/3 weeks. customer deadlines will be met and confirmation provided before production starts. if printed items are needed urgently we have the capacity and flexibility to reduce delivery times

can you print names inside a number?

yes, this is very popular especially with our collection of leavers hoodies. customers will have to send over all the names required and the number to be used. we will they create a template with the names inside the number for you to check the spellings before production starts.

Can I return my printed clothing and get a refund?

No, unless the items supplied are faulty, then clothing that has been printed can not be returned. Check out our returns policy for more information.