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We're back and better than ever!

Over the past few months, here at ADM, we have been working with Magicalogical to revamp our new website. Aside from our brand-new look, we have added key features to make the process more enjoyable for all our customers. Each new feature has been specially designed for ease of use and keeping our customers in mind.

Customisation Tool

At ADM, we specialise in creating unique custom wear for our clothing, sportswear and teamwear. Our new website feature is our customisation tool that allows you to create your perfect customised piece of clothing in just a few clicks. Whether you are looking for a t-shirt’s printer, personalised t-shirts or to design t-shirts yourself, ADM can do it for you. Our most popular products are our embroidered hoodies and polos that you can create from scratch with the brand, colour, style and print. To continue our customisation, we have also developed our new 3d Kit Builder that allows you to design each aspect of your desired kit. The ADM sportswear range has an extensive assortment of clothing and equipment to choose from for both on-field and on-court sports. There are many benefits of using customisation; it will increase team identity, allow you to stand out from your competitors, improve brand awareness and boost sponsors recognition. By enabling this tool on the website, it lets all users to create the designs that they desire and to see their creation come alive. You are in control of your concept.

Regular Stock Levels

Have you ever seen an item online that you want but find out that it’s out of stock when you get to the checkout? We know how frustrating this can be and we don’t want our customers to feel this way. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, we regularly check what stock we have available or if it is going to be discontinued in the foreseeable future. If we are out of stock in a specific item, it will either not be shown on display, or the specific size will be greyed out to indicate that it is unavailable. All our products shown will be ready for you to customise and order. If you have any queries about a certain product, or would like to know when an item will be back in stock, give us a call on 01942 498120 to discuss further

Going Digital

Everything in today’s society is gradually going digital, and so are we! We want to make sure that our ordering process is accessible to everyone, with a range of options to complete your order. Once you have customised and added your chosen items to your basket, you can proceed to the checkout. Depending on if you have made an account previously, it will either ask you to log in or enter your details manually. Furthermore, our shipping prices will be added, to your total cost, and then the order is ready to complete. We are still available to take calls if you have any queries regarding your order, or if you wish to order via telephone. Check out our new features and have a go at them yourselves. Send over your customisation designs via our social media accounts and make sure to tag us!



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