embroidered logos - It's what we specialise in!

Here’s everything you need to know so you can order your own embroidered clothing, teamwear and sportswear with adm….

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what is an embroidered logo?

ADM have been embroidering clothes for over 25 years. ADM use the latest software to digitise your logo. The digitised file can then be uploaded to the industrial barudan embroidery machines we have in-house. The logo is then stitched automatically into the fabric of the clothing or item of choice. ADM produce a quality embroidered logo that enhances the customised item or clothing chosen. The personalised embroidered clothing is of the highest quality due to the expertise of our staff, the use of the latest machinery and software and the quality of thread used.

What file format is required for embroidery?

Your logo recreated for embroidery is easily achieved if you can send over a jpeg or png file. The quality of the file is not critical but the higher the resolution the better. Ideally a 300 dpi resolution jpeg is preferred but lower resolution jpegs will be fine for our adm team to use. If you are unable to send over an electronic file then the adm will work from a letterhead or compliment slip.

For optimum quality the best file format to use is a vector file. ADM can recreate your logos in a vector format if required for a small fee.

can all logos be embroidered?

The majority of logos or designs look fantastic when embroidered. However, over complicated designs may be difficult to reproduce as an embroidered logo and consideration may have to be given to reduce the complexity. Some of the detail may get lost but the adm team can discuss any issues before creating the embroidery file.  We are able to produce high quality intricate embroidered logos such as college or school logos or military designs. 3d images are not as effective when converted to an embroidered logo but still possible. Small lettering may have to be edited to maintain a high quality finish to the embroidered logo.

Will I see a sample of the embroidered logo before production?

Yes, adm will supply an embroidered sample for your approval. Any changes can be made at this stage and editing the design to ensure the customer is happy is not an issue. Once signed off, the embroidered logo will be positioned correctly on the garments as agreed and the quality maintained by our experience staff.

How much does an embroidered logo cost?

Embroidery prices are outlined below. Further discounts are available for larger orders.  When using the online customisation tool to add your embroidered logo to the garments chosen, the prices for each application will be automatically added to your basket. A guideline for what to expect can be seen below.

  • Embroidered Origination Fee – £18.00 (One Off Cost)
  • Embroidered Logo – £3.50 (Left Breast Size)
  • Embroidered Logo – £6.00 (Large Logo On Back)
  • Personalisation – £3.00 (Names /Initials)

Can you match pantone colours for an embroidered logo?

Yes, we can match specific pantone colours. Please advise the team at adm of the pantone colours for your logo, we can then match the colours to the high quality rayon thread that we use.

What do you mean by an origination charge for embroidery?

The origination charge is a “one off’ cost to digitise your logo. Once paid the .dst file is kept on record for future orders. The cost to convert your artwork into a digistied file is £18.00 inc VAT. The quality of the digitised file created will determine the quality of the embroidered logo, so put your trust in the adm team to get this right for you.

How do you embroider my logo?

Embroidered logos have a perceived high value, that last the test of time. Embroidered logos are the most common of decoration methods requested by our customers. So below is a summary of how we embroider your logo onto the clothing or specific items ordered.

  1. the customers logo is converted into a .dst file. This means that your logo is digitised and can be uploaded onto the computer that is part of the industrial embroidery machines we have in-house.
  2. the skilled staff then ‘frame’ the garment with backing material so that the fabric is stable and secure ensuring no fabric movement. These frames are then locked into the arms of the embroidery machine under each individual embroidery head.
  3. the experienced staff then start the embroidery machine and the needle will pierce the fabric at speed. Machines can operate at over 850 stitches per minute.
  4. each colour in the design is done in turn until the embroidered logo is complete
  5. the garment is taken out of the frame and excess backing material removed. Staff then trim any excess thread. The garments are then steamed and individually packaged ready for dispatch to the customer.

Benefits of using adm for your embroidered clothing

  • experienced staff – some of our staff have worked for adm for over 25 years
  • state of the art embroidery machines and latest software in-house
  • quality embroidered rayon thread
  • quality end product supplied – embroidery quality, consistent position and aligned correctly on garment
  • flexibility to cater for large orders and meet tight customer deadlines.
  • quick reliable delivery
  • competitive prices and discounts for large orders

Frequently Asked Questions

do you have any tips to help create the perfect logo for embroidery?

we can recreate complex logos for embroidery but please take into consideration the following

  • Avoid small text – as a general rule text should be no smaller than 5mm in height
  • Avoid gradients where possible – flat colours work best

I can't supply my logos in the correct format?

dont worry, adm can recreate the logos in the correct format for a nominal fee

can you embroider a logo that has been copyrighted?

No, it is illegal to reproduce a logo that has been copyrighted. Big fines could be imposed on the customer and adm so unless we get permission from the creator we just will bnot take the risk. We are often approached to recreate football logos from the Premier League, teams such as Liverpool FC or Manchester City but we always say no.

Is there a choice of letter font styles to choose from?

yes, there are a number of specific letter fonts available for text only embroidery or when adding text to an existing design. request information from the adm team who will be happy to advise. fonts not available can still be recreated but an origination cost may be charged.

is there a minimum quantity?

no, but there is an additional minimum surcharge for new orders of 3 or less. in most cases, for existing customers there are no minimum quantities and we will be happy to supply any additional embroidered items.

is there a limit to the number of colours in my logo that can be embroidered?

yes, we have the capacity to reproduce logos for embroidery in upto 15 colours. the high technical embroidery machinery allows for colour changes within the design at high speed so that a high volume of garments can be embroidered efficiently and at the same time.

Can i see a sample of my embroidered logo?

yes, once the origination charge has been paid by the customer, adm will then supply a sample of the embroidered logo on swatch material for approval. The sample can be sent out in the post or an image of the embroidered logo sent electronically for the customer to approve before production of the order starts. If a customer requires one item to be embroidered and supplied before production is started on the bulk of the order this can be arranged but the customer would have to pay the additional postage charge.

How long will my order of embroidered clothing take to delivery?

once confirmed the order for embroidered items will be delivered in approximately 2 weeks. customer deadlines will be met and confirmation provided before production starts. if embroidered items are needed urgently we have the capacity and flexibility to reduce delivery times

what do you mean by "stitch count"?

the customers logo is converted into a digitised .dst file. the computer on the high tech embroidery machine will then read the file and recreate the logo by stitching the thread in the garment. The more complicated the logo or bigger the logo the more stitches will be needed to produce the customers embroidered logo effectively. This is the stitch count and will also determine the cost of each embroidered logo. The higher the stitch count the more expensive it is to embroider the logo.

Can I return my embroidered clothing and get a refund?

No, unless the items supplied are faulty, then clothing that has been embroidered can not be returned. Check out our returns policy for more information.