Are you looking for quality, low cost custom printed transfers for garments?

ADM is one of the leading providers of custom printed transfers. Our team delivers high-quality custom printed transfers with speedy delivery across the UK. The ADM team can create professional and custom designs or alternatively, you can send our team your designs, and we’ll print them for you to a professional level. 

Furthermore, the custom printed transfer prints are ideal for all sizes, including large and small garment decorations. The print transfers allow ADM to price competitively like many printers for t-shirts. We offer print transfers for small and large bulk orders.

The print transfers are unique, quality-assured and allow ADM to scale up capacity, giving the flexibility to meet deadlines whatever the quantity required.

Call 01942 498120, or email our custom printed transfer team at [email protected] to get started with your custom designs. The ADM team are here to help and will assist you through the process.

single colour screen print transfer

full colour screen print transfer

full colour transfer

What are the benefits of custom printed transfers?

Fast turnaround – If you are looking for merchandise for your next gig, music festival or performance. The ADM team can accommodate bulk orders quickly, cost-effectively and on time on all print transfers.

Not just t-Shirts – We can apply our print transfers to any promotional item made from fabric.

High Wash Resistance – With up to 60º wash fastness, the print transfers will outlast the garment.

Great For Hi-Vis – We can apply full-colour logos without a problem, and the silver reflective option helps enhance the visibility of the wearer.

Unlimited colours– Showcase your design or logo as it should be. The heat vinyl transfers allow all the colours in the design to be printed, making them ideal and cost-effective for high volume gig or event promotional t-shirts.

What are the custom print transfer options?

Our full-colour screen printed transfers are recommended for complex graphics containing photographic elements or multi colours. 

Your image is printed based on the CMYK values in your art file. The full-colour print transfer is suitable for cotton, polyester, blends and uncoated nylon. Furthermore, you can apply them to our collection of promotional t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, aprons, ties, caps, bags, umbrellas, and hi-viz wear. 

Printed with water-based inks that have a soft velvet-like feel and can stretch and rebound. With low bleed properties built into the formula, we have seen super results on polyester garments that usually bleed with other print media. Suitable for all colour garments:


  • 60º wash fastness
  •  No limit to the number of colours. 
  • Soft hand 
  • Stretchy print 
  • Low bleed
  • Low-temperature application
  • Satin finish 


What are single colour transfers?

Choose from ADM’s off the shelf colour palette, ideal for graphics created as a single colour. If you can not find the colour you are looking for, you can order it as a full-colour transfer. So, this allows us to match your colour artwork exactly. Single colour heat vinyl transfer can be applied to most materials, including cotton, polyester, and nylon. 

Shop our range of promotional clothing, email our staff for a comprehensive quote that includes the single colour option of your graphic created.

What are reflective transfers?

Our silver reflective transfers help to enhance the visibility of the wearer at night or in low light conditions. The reflective transfer material illuminates when light shines on the substance.

Furthermore, the silver reflective print transfer is suitable for cotton, polyester, blends & uncoated nylon. Plus, you can apply them to t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, aprons, ties, caps, bags, umbrellas and more.

When using the online customisation tool, the visual graphics created will provide a good impression of how your personalised clothing will look

What are the artwork requirements for custom printed transfers?

Please take some time to read and follow our artwork requirements. The provisions will help avoid delays in processing your orders. Plus, avoid any extra processing costs with issues like missing fonts or low-resolution images.


Convert image files to vector:

If your image is a jpg, sketches, scans, or a photo file, it will need to be changed to a highly flexible vector. Vector images are tooled, so that they can be stretched, shaped, and resized without any loss of quality or blurry lines. Our image to vector conversion service is fast, reliable, and priced for anyone to use.

Accepted File Formats: EPS, PNG, PSD, JPG, PDF, GIF, BMP, TIF, AI,

• 100% Handmade Vectors • 24h Delivery • Simple Vector Art £18 • Complex Vector Art £30 • Advanced Vector Art £30+

jpeg example

vector example

Do you have any questions on how to order your heat vinyl transfers for t-shirts?

Call 01942 498120 and speak with our team of experts or contact us here. Our team of experts are happy to advise with any custom printed transfers you may need.