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Where can I purchase personalised Stanno teamwear?

ADM has an excellent selection of personalised Stanno teamwear. The Stanno brand is a multi-sports label that focuses on team sports. Stanno kit offers a diverse selection of high-quality, sportswear for team and individual sports. In addition, you can complete your outfit with a wide range of Stanno kit accessories. Stanno has created a variety of sportswear collections, including those provided by ADM below. 

Furthermore, you can purchase Stanno kit, plain or embroidered with your team, club, school, or college logo. The Stanno kit from ADM Direct is teamwear that offers your squad the branded teamwear they deserve. The Stanno brand quickly gained popularity in the sports sector because of its two fundamental mottoes, “Product Is King” and “Sport Is Our Passion.” ADM currently sells personalised Stanno teamwear at competitive prices.

Why should I buy the Stanno First Collection teamwear?

The Stanno First Collection is the first teamwear made entirely from recyclable materials. With this collection of Stanno shirts and pants, we provide a sustainable choice to any sports team that values environmental responsibility. The Stanno First Collection is available in several colours and sizes, including unisex, children’s, and adult sizes XS through XXL.
In addition, the Stanno First Collection teamwear is a fantastic answer for any school or business seeking to build a team identity with the Stanno kit. It is popular with ADM customers because of their enthusiasm for team sports. Furthermore, you can save up to 25% on the Stanno kit at ADM.

Why purchase the Stanno Pride Collection online?

The Stanno kit Pride Collection honours Stanno’s historic legacy. The teamwear combines a contemporary fit with tried-and-true fabrics and design aspects. In addition, the end product is timeless, durable, and useful. Stanno excels at and takes pride in what they do.
Furthermore, the Pride Collection was created with a passion for team sports and a single goal in mind: to provide you with the finest sporting experience possible. The Stanno Pride Collection is available in a range of adult sizes from XS to XXL, as well as kid sizes. Stanno kit is an excellent option for any school or corporation looking to establish a team image.

Do you want to buy the Stanno Field Collection?

Discover the Stanno Field Collection at ADM, this is a complete Stanno kit, comprised of components from several Stanno products. The Field Collection comes in a range of colours and is an affordable option. Pair the Field Collection with other Stanno kits. Furthermore, the Stanno Field Collection comes in several sizes for children and adults. Any school or club looking to establish a team identity should explore the Stanno Pride Collection. This is a popular ADM product line with up to 25% off online.

Are you looking to buy Stanno kit?

Most athletes understand the satisfaction of snuggling into a warm, comfortable jacket after a strenuous workout. Stanno training tops from the Stanno Prime line will give you this great feeling, again and again.
Stanno training tops are produced to ensure the best quality. The Centro Collection is intended to complement existing Stanno teamwear. Stanno kit acts as a connection between training kit and personal use. Furthermore, Stanno teamwear is made from high-quality materials to provide optimal performance.

What is the Stanno Base Collection?

Each component in the Stanno Base Collection combines comfort and style. The outfit is made of cotton and is perfect for relaxing after a workout or game. In addition, the Base Collection complements any athlete’s clothing.
Furthermore, the fashionable Stanno hoodies are composed of a comfy cotton, polyester, and elastane combination, making them ideal for lounging or exercising. The tone-on-tone pattern on the back and right breast is a great addition. These Stanno hoodies are an essential piece for your wardrobe.

What is the Stanno functionals collection?

The Stanno Functionals Collection is a premium training equipment apparel collection. The features are trendy and designed specifically for exercises like fitness, CrossFit, and running. The Stanno Functionals collection is created from high-quality sports materials and complements our other lines flawlessly. In addition, the Stanno Functionals include the Flex jacket, a lightweight and elastic clothing that allows for full movement. The Flew Stanno jacket is an ideal Stanno top for outdoor training, with two zippered side pockets, a hood, and a drawstring hem. The cuffs of this water-repellent, tone-on-tone jacket have thumb holes for enhanced comfort.

Where can I buy personalised Stanno teamwear?

You can buy personalised Stanno teamwear online from ADM Direct. We provide a comprehensive collection of Stanno kit and equipment. The Stanno personalised teamwear range includes select training gear and quality kitbags. Furthermore, ADM offers personalised Stanno teamwear with up to 25% off the recommended retail price. Our Stanno kit assortment comprises polo shirts, Stanno training tops, hoodies, Stanno tracksuits, and more. The Stanno kit comprises a broad range of inexpensive football kits, volleyball, and handball kits.

The Stanno kit is ideal for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Furthermore, Stanno provides high-quality workout clothing at affordable prices. Stanno teamwear is easily available at ADM Direct, allowing for prompt and efficient delivery of your order.

Why buy Stanno kit from ADM Direct?

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of personalised Stanno teamwear. We’ve helped a variety of sports teams, schools, and colleges build their identities using custom Stanno kits. Purchase plain or customised Stanno training apparel with your club’s emblem. The ADM team will personalise your Stanno kit with the player’s initials, numbers, or sponsor logo to improve its significance.
Furthermore, ADM Direct understands the importance of providing high-quality sportswear to football clubs, colleges, institutions, and other markets. Reputation is vital to us, and we take great pleasure in our work. Newer embroidery and printing technology enable us to produce bespoke team gear in quantity and deliver unique kits throughout the UK. At ADM Direct, we offer excellent bulk order discounts.

What are the benefits of choosing personalised stanno teamwear from ADM?

Personalised Stanno team apparel includes a wide choice of sports clothing, such as Stanno training shirts, jackets, mid-layers, and much more. Stanno teamwear consists of high-quality sportswear and training gear. Our personalised Stanno teamwear includes low-cost Stanno football kits, volleyball, and handball clothing. Our Stanno kit is suitable for athletes of all ages, junior to senior, and at all levels.

Furthermore, ADM is a prominent supplier of personalised Stanno teamwear. We have helped various sports clubs, schools, and colleges create their identities by providing a unique Stanno kit. Purchase basic Stanno training clothes or customise them with your club emblem. In addition, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality sportswear to football clubs, schools, organisations, and other institutions. The vast majority of the products in our range are suitable for embroidery and printing personalisation.

customisation made easy

Time to get creative and try our online customisation tool before you purchase. Create your design, share it with friends and colleagues, then order online with confidence. ADM will bring your custom Stanno team wear to life using our experience and expertise. Furthermore, the ADM team will make sure that you are happy with the Stanno sports items ordered.

Customised Stanno teamwear guidelines


Step 1 – Choose Your Stanno Teamwear

Explore the Stanno team wear range and choose your preferred Stanno clothes. Choose from polo t-shirts, training tops, tracksuits, sweatshirts, zipped hoodies, jackets and pants right for you.

Step 2 – Get Customising

ADM has developed an online customisation tool allowing you to add your logo, text or whatever personalisation needed. Personalisation can include names and numbers. Try the tool before you order or if you are feeling confident, start customising your Stanno teamwear right away. Combine your embroidered or printed logo and view your design before you hit the buy it now button.

Step 3 – Pay Online Or Request A Quote

Once you have completed your design and you are happy with your finished custom teamwear, you can pay online or request a final quote that you can share with others.

Step 4 – Let ADM Customise It

When we receive confirmation of the order and payment. A member of our team will contact you to confirm the supplied details are correct and advise you on the expected delivery date. Our customisation experts will then bring your Stanno teamwear design to life.

how to order guide

which to choose?

ADM will generate a digitised template that provides our advance embroidery machines with the capacity to stitch your logo directly onto the stanno clothing chosen. This technology makes certain that the design is perfect.

Furthermore, our investment in the latest embroidery machines allows us to embroider numerous stanno clothes or items at once, making big orders easy for our team.

ADM Direct provide a selection of printing options for various clothing. Vinyl printing is excellent for personalised names and numbers on your stanno teamwear. Furthermore, vinyl printing is the preferred choice for customising football shirts, training tops and different jackets from stanno that have nylon fabrics.

We offer an affordable digital printing option. Your digital print is transferred to your personalised stanno teamwear using heat. Furthermore, the advance machinery cuts your branding or image from a section of vinyl, then the ADM team will remove the leftover vinyl. Additionally, the team will then place your logo on the teamwear from stanno and our advance machinery completes the print.

Screen printing is one of the best high-quality methods for high volume orders of custom clothing. Furthermore, we can produce unique quality screen printed personalised stanno teamwear when the logos are more intricate and they need to be visible from distance. Screen printing is ideal for bulk orders of stanno teamwear as it is competitively priced, plus allows for a speedy turnaround.

Is Stanno a good brand?

Stanno launched in 1990 to be an essential, trustworthy, and natural part of every athlete’s equipment. Stanno began by releasing a limited range of innovative goalkeeper gloves. The brand is still well-known for its specialisation. The brand soon began expanding its products. Stanno’s mission is to spread the love of sports via goods that adhere to the Stanno design philosophy of function, form, and attitude, in that precise order. For Stanno, the product is king. The brand is committed to creating excellence, motivated by a strong belief in the winning combination of adaptability and creativity. Since 1996, ADM has regularly provided high-quality bespoke Stanno teamwear at competitive costs, with even discounts available for bulk orders.

Stanno football Kits

Discover the discounted Stanno football kits online. Stanno is passionate about football. Stanno football jerseys are comfortable and made of high-quality materials.

stanno handball gear

Explore our Stanno handball collection here. The handball sportswear offered by Stanno is durable and reinforced to withstand the physical contact of the sport.

stanno volleyball attire

Browse and buy Stanno Volleyball sportswear here. Stanno’s specific sports clothing has been designed to withstand intensive sports, providing unisex athletes with the perfect fit.

stanno sports bags

Shop the Stanno sports bags online here. Stanno offers sports bags in all shapes and sizes so every athlete can find a sports bag as desired.

stanno goalkeepers collection

See the complete Stanno goalkeepers collection here. Goalkeepers play an essential role in any sport and Stanno develops indispensable products for this role.

stanno base layers

Check out ADM’s collection of Stanno base layers. Popular with athletes, base layers are an ideal first layer in protecting you from the elements. The material used is composed of synthetic fibres, drawing the sweat away from the skin.


Yes,when you are satisfied with the prices quoted, follow these easy steps and start ordering from your online shop.

Step 1– Confirm that you are happy with the quote from ADM and request your free online shop.

Step 2– Send in any logos that are to be customised.

Step 3– ADM will create your online shop within days. You can share the link and login details with the relevant people and members who can order and pay online.

Step 4– The shop will close at an agreed time and date. ADM will collate all orders after this time and will process all orders received. The custom teamwear will then be embroidered and printed in-house by our experts and delivered quickly to you

We provide size guides for most of the brands on the website. You can find the correct size instructions for stanno teamwear here. The available size guide for all stanno clothing is included on the product page. Product descriptions for the stanno clothing available will highlight if the items are slim fit or classic fit.

Please note, customised garments are non-returnable. We suggest that you take extra care when ordering personalised stanno teamwear, especially if you are ordering for other people.

You can order a sample for a charge. If you are unsure about size ordering, ADM advises ordering a size sample. A size sample will reduce any additional costs when confirming the final order as these samples can then be used.

Sizing and clothing types differ from suppliers and various brands. ADM advise that you are mindful of this when ordering different brands.

Call us on 01942 498 120 if you are unsure of the sizes. Our experts will advise you. No suggestions on sizes can be made by the ADM staff.

Yes, its easy to do, no hassle and takes no time at all. You can customise the full range of stanno apparel and luggage online using the easy to use customisation tool developed by adm.

Increase your club, team or organisations image and get customising your stanno polo shirts, training tops, midlayers, jackets and tech pants.

ADM takes great pride in supplying high quality custom stanno teamwear at affordable prices.

You can also personalise your stanno clothes with names, initials and committee positions online using our quick customisation tool.

ADM can supply your personalised stanno teamwear but first customers must provide artwork in the following formats depending on whether it is to be embroidered or printed:

  • A vector art file from illustrator or CorelDraw is required for all printed logos.
  • For best results .eps, .ai, .cdr file is a more efficient format for the team at ADM.
  • An embroidered logo requires a hi-resolution bitmap or jpeg file at 300dpi. The artwork will be formatted to be compatible with our in-house embroidery machines