The ADM buyers guide to embroidered polo shirts

ADM’s best selling item of clothing is our fantastic line of embroidered polo shirts. Our embroidered polo shirts are affordable and stylish too. We supply a great collection of popular styles, for example, the versatile unisex polo shirt for men, the fashionable women’s polo shirt, plus a variety of durable polo shirts for kids. Furthermore, we supply a performance polo shirt for the sporty individual and the durable hard-wearing workwear polo shirt range, ideal for any business. Our customers can choose from various polo colours and sizes. Add that personal touch by embroidering your polo shirt with a custom logo.

personalise your chosen polo shirt

Pick the perfect polo shirt, then personalise it using our easy to use online customisation tool. The ADM online customisation tool will help create an embroidered polo shirt at a low cost. Plus, our team will get the shirts delivered quickly. 

Furthermore, at ADM, we stock a comprehensive variety of branded polo shirts perfect for embroidering. We also guarantee some of the best prices on our embroidered polo shirts.

Call 01942 498120 to speak with our experts. They will help you choose the ideal polo shirt for you.

Call 01942 498120 and our experts can help you choose the right polo shirt for you.

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chosing the correct colour
chosing the correct size
bulk buying

Things to consider

How do I choose the correct polo shirt colour?

Polo shirt colour is as important as the style and fit. At ADM, we understand that it can be a challenge to order an embroidered polo shirt for your sports team, university, organisation or UK charity.

So, we offer a comprehensive array of polo shirts in contemporary and traditional colours. Our website clearly shows the colours for each polo shirt available. To filter polo shirts by colour, use the colour filter on the left-hand side and choose a colour from the range available.
The range of colours shown is for illustration purposes and guidance only. The polo colours may vary from the actual colour delivered.
Furthermore, suppliers garment colours may vary and differ across different suppliers due to the various colour processes and fabrics used.

How do I make sure I choose the correct size and fit? 

ADM provides a size guide for the majority of brands on the website. Size guides are also available on specific product pages. ADM has included a size guide overview containing all the sizing information by our supplier’s.
Please be aware that the size and fit of clothing provided by ADM from our different suppliers and brands will vary. So, please be cautious of this when ordering across brands/suppliers.

What if I want to buy polos in bulk?

Embroidered polo shirts offered by ADM are not as expensive as you think. We offer a selection of personalised polo shirts to match any budget. Furthermore, we give discounts for bulk orders on customised polo shirts. 

If you have any questions or queries, call the team on 01942 498120.

Embroidered Polo Shirts

plain embroidered polo shirts

ADM offers a wide range of plain polo shirts that are excellent for customising with an embroidered logo. Furthermore, with our value polos embroidery, we will supply embroidered shirts to meet your budget. Our options for customising polo shirts are available in a broad spectrum of colours and sizes to meet the needs of our customers.

embroidered contrast polo

contrast embroidered polo shirts

ADM’s contrast embroidered polos are stylish and comfortable, adding value and a fabulous way to create that professional image in any environment. We have been providing polo shirts with professional embroidering since 1996 to customers all across the UK. Furthermore, the numerous colour combinations and styles, means we have the right men’s polo shirts, polos for women and kids tops online.

ladies embroidered polo

ladies embroidered polo shirts

Embroidered women’s polo shirts are on-trend and increasingly popular. Available in fitted sizes, get creative, utilise our online customisation tool and upload your embroidered logo to the chosen top. All the polo shirts for women are available from stock with best prices guaranteed and quick delivery.

plain polos embroidered

unisex embroidered polo shirts

We are one of the market leaders when it comes to embroidering polos and other sports garments. Our headquarters are in the North West. From where we provide a variety of embroidered polo shirts from women, men’s shirts and polos for kids on a budget.
Furthermore, we guarantee low prices with further discounts available when placing bulk orders. We are a trusted supplier of personalised clothing, meeting the demands of our customers. Our unisex polo tops come in a selection of sizes from XS to 5XL. Utilise the filter situated on the left-hand side of our polo shirt catalogue and choose the correct unisex polo shirt for you.

kids polos embroidered

kids embroidered polo shirts

Customised polo shirts for kids are popular within the school uniform market and the child nurseries industry.
The embroidered polo shirt range is versatile, durable and able to withstand the severest circumstances.
Customise kids polo shirts by using our online customisation tool. Start by choosing your polo shirt from our online catalogue, use the filter tool to select the right polo shirt, upload your logo for embroidery and customise. We offer children’s’ polo shirts from all the brands at reduced prices. Shop our affordable embroidered polo shirts for kids, guaranteeing the best prices and speedy delivery.


Yes. A logo can be embroidered or printed directly onto your choice of polo shirt. there are no minimum quantities required when ordering your embroidered polo shirt, however an origination charge may apply. ADM takes great pride in supplying high quality embroidered polo shirts at affordable prices.

Using the correct machinery and software our staff are experts in supplying embroidered polo shirts. ADM create a digitised file from the artwork supplied. This digitised logo is then uploaded to industrial embroidery machines that can embroider many garments at the same time. The polo shirt fabric is stabilised by using an embroidery frame to hold the fabric in place whilst the needle penetrates through at speed. The garments are checked by quality control before dispatch.

As worn the most common place for an embroidered logo would be on the left breast of the polo shirt. The customer may choose a different position if required. If more than one logo is to be embroidered onto the polo shirt the customer may choose to embroider the left sleeve, right sleeve or even the back of the neck. Try our customisation playground to see which position on the polo shirt is best for your logo.

ADM offer a great range of low cost embroidered polo shirts. ADM endeavour to better any price for the same embroidered polo shirts ordered. Massive discounts are available on ADM’s range of embroidered polo shirts when ordering in bulk.

Prices shown in the polo shirt online catalogue are based on no customisation. The standard price for adding an embroidered logo to your polo shirt is £3. An origination charge may apply. Add your logo using our customisation tool and prices will be added automatically. Unsure on custom polo shirt prices call our experts today.

Most embroidered logos are usually sized to fit within 3 to 3 1/2″ wide. Logos are normally positioned on the left breast as the garment is worn. Embroidery charges are based on the number of stitches in the logo so the size of the logo will normally determine the price charged. Embroidery on the back of clothing such as polo shirts, hoodies and jackets  is usually sized to fit within 12″ x 12″, but larger areas are possible.

When supplying artwork for your embroidered polo shirts please adhere to the following:

  • A vector art file from illustrator or Corel Draw is required for all embroidered logos.
  • For best results .eps, .ai, .cdr file is a more efficient format for the team at ADM.
  • For an embroidered logo a hi-resolution bitmap or .jpeg at 300dpi+ is also accepted. The artwork is then digitised so compatible with the in-house embroidery machines.

digitising is the process of converting information into a digital format . Customers artwork is organised into discrete units of data (called bits) that can be separately addressed (usually in multiple-bit groups called bytes). The artwork file is digitised so that the large hi-tech embroidery machines can read the data and produce the required embroidered logo. A sample of the digitised artwork is supplied before the order of embroidered polo shirts is produced.

once the logo has been digitised adm embroider the items ordered using the latest hi-tech machinery. these machines provide adm with the capacity and flexibility to handle any size of order.

for the majority of text only embroidery no digitising is required and so there is no set up charge incurred. adm have a choice of fonts that the customer can choose from,these are shown on the customisation tool online or please contact adm for details. if a specific font is not available an origination charge might be incurred.

Yes, but only if you have paid for the origination cost. If you have paid the one-off fee when you first ordered then you are entitled to request a copy of your digitised logo. ADM will be happy to assist. If the customer has not paid for the origination charge and the cost has been absorbed by ADM the customer is not entitled to a copy of the digitised file. It will be up to the discretion of staff at ADM if this will be allowed and if a charge maybe requested.

Polo shirts supplied by ADM are available mainly from stock. Current stock levels are indicated on the product page when choosing the colour and size. Polo shirts requiring no embroidery can be dispatched immediately within 1-3 days from order and payment received. Customised clothing including embroidered polo shirts take between 1 and 3 weeks for delivery. ADM have the capacity and flexibility to meet any deadline where required.

custom embroidered polo shirts

Customising a men’s polo shirt or polo shirt for women with a personal embroidered logo adds real value and quality to any polo t-shirt. Embroidered logos allow for intricate designs to be recreated using up to 15 different colours.

custom printed polo shirts

Do you require your logo to be seen for distance, at ADM Direct, we know that logos are better printed on the back of the polo shirts using screen printing or a digital print process.

embroidered logo

why customise your polo shirt with an embroidered logo?


Embroidered polo shirts are suitable for every occasion. We offer polo t-shirts in numerous styles and colours. Furthermore, our embroidering option for men’s polo shirts and polo shirts for women is available from stock, enabling a speedy delivery service with no reason to delay.


Our polos can have custom embroideries to meet any budget. Increase brand awareness and improve your corporate image with personalised embroideries, stand out from the competition and customise your polos today. We have developed an online customisation tool that allows you to create your perfect embroideries to men’s polo t-shirts and women’s polo t-shirts.

Try the customisation playground, create and share with friends before you order.

which to choose?

ADM will generate a digitised template that provides our advance embroidery machines with the capacity to stitch your logo directly onto the polo shirt. This technology makes certain that the design is perfect.
Furthermore, our investment in the latest embroidery machines allows us to embroider numerous garments at once, making big orders easy for our team.

ADM Direct provide a selection of printing options for various clothing. Vinyl printing is excellent for personalised names and numbers on your polos shirts. Furthermore, vinyl printing is the preferred choice for customising workwear, especially workwear polo shirts, high-visibility clothing and any nylon items of clothing.

We offer an affordable digital printing option. Your digital print is transferred to your personalised polo shirts using heat. The advance machinery cuts your branding or image from a section of vinyl, then the ADM team will remove the leftover vinyl. Additionally, the team will then place your logo on the polo T-shirt and our advance machinery seals the print.

We understand that screen printing may sound like a redundant way to apply branding to clothing. However, screen printing is one of the best high-quality methods for high volume orders of custom clothing. Furthermore, we can produce unique quality screen printed personalised polo shirts at competitive prices, plus with a speedy turnaround.

customisation made easy! a step by step guide to ordering your embroidered polo

Get creative, try our free online customisation tool before you purchase. Share your favourite finalised design ideas with friends and colleagues. The ADM online designer will bring your embroidered polo shirt designs to life. Using our experience and expertise to ensure you are happy with the custom polo shirts ordered with confidence online. 


Guideline to creating that fantastic embroidered polo shirt


Step 1 – Choose Your Polo Shirt

ADM has a range of polo shirts available including unisex polos, ladies polos, kids polos and workwear polos. Shop the range and choose the right polo shirt for you.


Step 2 – Get Customising!

ADM has developed a simple online customisation tool that lets you add your logos, text or any personalisation needed including any names and numbers. Try out the customisation tool before you order and get creative. Or if you are feeling confident start adding customisation to your polo shirts straight away. Add your embroidered custom logo and view your design before you hit the buy button.


Step 3 – Pay Online Or Request A Quote

Once you are done designing and are happy with your finalised custom polo shirt then you can either pay online or request a final quote that you can share with others.


Step 4 – Let ADM Customise It!

Once ADM has received confirmation of the order and payment, a member of staff will be in touch to confirm the details supplied and advise on expected delivery date. Our customisation experts will then bring your design to life to ensure that you are happy with the embroidered polo shirts supplied.

how to order guide

Are you looking to add a name or number to your polo?

Personalise your mens polo t-shirts and polos for women with team names and numbers. Our customisation tool allows you to add your polo personalisation with ease.

Are you going on tour or playing at a sports festival? Add a variety of details on the reverse of your polo t-shirts as a cost-effective way to personalise. Plus, embroidering a polo t-shirt gives a unique and quality finish to your garment. The ADM team are happy to add names, initials and committee positions to your society polos or club polo shirts. Check out our demo video to show how easy personalising a polo is.

ADM’s Top Tip

Adding a name and position to a shirt is popular with students ordering embroidered polo shirts for their club or society. We recommend that you locate your personalisation on the right breast to complement your embroidered logo, which will be on the left breast as worn. Are you looking to add committee positions across the shoulders of your polo tops? We recommend vinyl printing, perfect due to the low cost. Plus, consistency is achievable with the vinyl printing process.

Design your polo shirt with the admkitdesigner.

Do you want to get creative and personalise a polo shirt unique to your team, institution or organisation? Let your imagination run wild with the ADM Kitdesigner, create the personalised polo shirt that will get you noticed. Choose from any colour and style combination. Make the unique custom polo shirt designed ideal for sports tours and tournaments or corporate days.