Good Luck Bangor University

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what are the bucs fixtures?

Join the ADM team in wishing Bangor University a good luck with the BUCS fixtures. The ADM team have worked closely with Bangor University and this is evident across social media. We are sure that the Bangor University team will do great. The team at ADM Direct are wishing all competitors in the BUCS fixtures today good luck. Plus, be in with a chance to win a free VX3 Hoodie, enter our prize draw for a free today via instagram page.

upcoming bucs fixtures:

free hoodie prize draw:

Basket ball: Bangor Vs Liverpool
Tennis: Bangor Vs Edge Hill
Badminton: Bangor Vs Liverpool
Badminton: Bangor Vs Liverpool
Ultimate Frisbee: Bangor Vs Liverpool
Football: Bangor Vs Sheffield
Hockey: Bangor Vs Chester
Hockey: Bangor Vs Manchester
Golf: Bangor Vs Sheffiled
Tennis: Bangor Vs Keele
Lacrosse: Bangor Vs Bradford
Squash: Bangor Vs Durham
Fencing: Bangor Vs Durham
Hockey: Bangor Vs Keele
Badminton: Bangor Vs Keele
Fencing: Bangor Vs Lancaster
Badminton: Bangor Vs Manchester
Rugby Union: Bangor Vs Keele
Football: Bangor Vs UCFB
Rugby Union: Bangor Vs Salford
Tennis: Bangor Vs Keele
Rugby Union: Bangor Vs Manchester
Lacrosse: Bangor Vs Manchester
Netball: Bangor Vs Liverpool
Netball: Bangor Vs LJMU
Basketball: Bangor Vs Manchester
American Football: Bangor Vs Manchester

BUCS fixtures Bangor prize draw

free give away competition

To be in with a chance to win a FREE VX3 Hoodie. Don’t forget to enter our prize draw today.

Follow these easy steps to enter:

  • Order your Bangor sports club merchandise when advised by your kit officer. Link to club shops here.
  •  Upload photo of yourself wearing your new Bangor club stash supplied by ADM.
  • Tag @undeb_athletau_bangor & @admcustomclothing.

Winner will be drawn randomly at the end of each month.
Good luck to everyone that enters.

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