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Keeping Grassroots Football Clubs Active Through COVID-19

Grassroots Football And COVID-19

As a country, we have felt the effects of COVID-19, especially in the grassroots football community. So what is in store for the foreseeable future? As a grassroots club, what can you do to make the most of your time during the frequent lockdowns? The following ideas may help to encourage your club.

how do we maintain fitness levels? 

With little, or in some cases no matches and potentially no training sessions, as a grassroots club, you need to maintain your player fitness levels. 

Try adapting your training sessions with current guidelines which differ across the UK. You can still utilise things like parks for a run or if you need to arrange workouts for team members at home, try using things like Zoom to communicate a home training session. We understand that a home workout isn’t ideal, so why not try some competition by getting your players to take a running challenge, for example, the quickest time? 

There are many ways to encourage fitness levels, search online for more ideas.

what about online chatting?

There is no excuse for lack of communication nowadays, staying in touch with your team is simple, set up your grassroots team on social media platforms like Facebook or create a WhatsApp group to help with communication and maybe assist in keeping up morale. It is also worth keeping up to date with the local league activities.

should we go paperless and get online?

There are a few grassroots football teams out there that are still massively relying on paper to promote and communicate with club members and others. We understand that a lot of clubs don’t always have the time to implement new processes. If you are unfamiliar with an online system, you can arrange all your players’ registration, club payments and your team’s data online through a new website or online content management system. If you need help doing this, check out service providers online.

is there grassroots community support available?

Grassroots football plays an important part in society. In the current climate, there is an ideal opportunity to show engagement to members and people throughout your society and club. Try some little or even grand gestures to keep the community engaged.

For example, try to reach out to local communities that have elderly residents or care homes. Why not see if your club can arrange some Zoom calls with players, this will allow the young players to socialise with the older generation and offer support to those most affected from social distancing and isolation. Plus, once the pandemic has been eradicated, maybe the players could visit the people with who they have engaged with?

should we help with keeping the pitch in shape?

Over the past few months, the wet weather and winter months have probably left the training grounds or pitch requiring some much-needed maintenance. The current climate is the ideal opportunity to help with the upkeep. Furthermore, it is the perfect opportunity to get out in the fresh air. We are sure the grounds personal will also appreciate the volunteers. 

what kind of  competitions should we try?

Try a little sporting trivia, there are many great sports quizzes available online. Competition may help to maintain the club’s community engagement. Try a weekly quiz via email, WhatsApp or publish a quiz on your website. 

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