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It is never too early to start shopping for your leavers' hoodie

At ADM, we tend to receive fewer orders at the start of the academic year. However, interest increases throughout the second half of the academic year. Demand for leaver hoodies increases as the deadline for ordering nears, especially when students and parents realise the significance of buying a leaver hoodie to commemorate their time at school, college or university. 

Furthermore, many students are returning to school and college, so it will soon be time for them to organise their leavers’ hoodies. Getting organised is of the utmost importance, so now is the perfect time to speak with your hoodie coordinator. Sometimes an individual is selected to order your leaver hoodies. Doing this can help to reduce the stress when receiving enquiries from students or parents. Furthermore, it can prevent parents and students from asking the question, is it not too late to order my school hoodie?

who organises leavers’ hoodies for your school or college?

Choosing the correct hoodie for your year group is a must. At ADM, we can help, plus we can take the stress out of trying to find the perfect custom hoodie. We offer a wide selection of hoodies that are perfect for personalisation. Furthermore, our experienced in-house team will personalise your hoodies. Our team is confident that we can assist you with the ideal leaver hoodies. 

One of the most important things is a good quality hoodie. But, many people may be discouraged by the price. However, finding good quality and an affordable personalised product will help to increase the number of students who order the leavers hoodies. Particularly when it has been created by yourself. 

what is a reliable branded hoodie?

At ADM, we stock and supply several quality branded personalised hoodies. However, AWDis stands out as a reliable brand with a wide selection of hoodie styles to choose from.

The AWDis college hoodie is one of ADM’s best selling hoodies. We offer the AWDis JH001 hoodie in over 60 vibrant colours, with most colours available in sizes XS (34 inches) to 5XL (62 inches). Plus, to complement the college hoodie, AWDis offers a ladies fit hooded top too. Check out the JH01F hooded top, this classic hoodie range, produced from cotton faced fabric, is ideal for embroidering and custom print designs. 

Another ADM recommend is the AWDis Varsity Hoodie JH003. The AWDis Varsity hoodies are modern, stylish and versatile. They come in a variety of unique contrast colourways, ideal for casual wear. Plus, the ADM team can personalise the hoodies with your logo in-house. The AWDis Varsity hoodie is perfect for schools, colleges and universities leavers hoodies. 

how do you customise hoodies?

ADM has over 25 years of experience in supplying personalised leavers hoodies, let our team advise you on suggested designs that will work for you and your school or college. Many of our customers use a standard template that involves the following:

  • Embroidered school, college or university logo on the left breast.
  • Embroidered student names on the right breast.
  • Printed year on back with student names inside the number.

However, ADM has several different templates to choose from. For example, when choosing the number style that is printed on the back. Contact our sales team who will provide illustrations of the templates and print options available. Some additional options include the following:

  • Printed names along the sleeve of the hoodie.
  • Printing the word “LEAVERS” across the shoulders of the hoodie.

Whatever customisation you decide on, the ADM team can then provide an affordable price for each hoodie so you can inform the other students.

how do students order leaver hoodies?

The days were a hoodie organiser sends out an order form and collects the students’ money are gone. 

ADM are one of the market leaders, plus we are one of the first companies to offer a free online Club Shop. 

The Club Shop allows students and parents to order leaver hoodies online direct from ADM. Once the prices have been accepted, the ADM team will get to work on designing your leaver hoodies club shop. 

Furthermore, once your Club Shop has been approved you can check our website and send out a link to all your fellow students. You also have the option for bulk deliveries to a central address or dispatched individually to home addresses at a nominal extra charge.

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