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The Challenges Of Operating In A Post-Pandemic World

post pandemic challenges

the challenges of life after COVID

Many industries have hit difficulties during the COVID pandemic, in particular, the customised clothing industry. Like many custom clothing businesses, ADM closed its doors when the country went into a national Lockdown.
Before March 2020, ADM was on course for another record year of sales. Production was at capacity with the sound of the embroidery machines from the factory. And the ADM team was busy ensuring orders were on schedule. But once rules for the first Lockdown were confirmed by the PM, orders began to nosedive. Within no time, it was as if a tap had been turned off. Enquiries dried up and sales became few and far between.

which markets dried up during COVID?

Universities, educational sports, grassroots sports clubs, private and public gyms and mass participation running and cycling events, all ground to a halt until further notice. ADM, like many other businesses in the country, hoped the lockdown would be over within weeks. But, as we know, that was not how the pandemic would work out.

what will happen when we re-open?

After the first lockdown, the ADM team hoped that things would get back to normal quickly, and with safety measures in place and staff working from home, sales would start to gather momentum and eventually return to a level of pre-COVID times.
However, our team saw sales remain sluggish, customers were naturally cautious. We did not anticipate our specialist markets to struggle as they did, with inconsistent messages appearing from the Government making trading difficult.

what happens next? 

Now the economy is open, we are starting to see sales grow. Launching the new website in September 2020 has also helped the business. Since the markets reopened, we have been busy opening online University club shops for LiverpoolBangorLancaster and Keele Universities and the University Of Birmingham School of sport, exercise & rehabilitation sciences.

But although sales have picked up, anyone running a business would not have expected the challenges to supply chains. Business owners across different sectors now face rising prices, with inflation at its highest in a decade. The pandemic has prompted suppliers to increase their container and distribution charges with containers stranded across the world. Plus, disrupted supply chains are causing issues throughout the country, creating empty shelves and stock shortages across all sectors. 

we are back on target for 2022

The ADM team is confident of coming out of the pandemic ready for 2022. We understand that this is one of the most challenging times since we established in 1996. However, the team are now working at full strength and our stock levels are plentiful.

We are also looking forward to launching a new team wear brand for 2022, Umbro. Check out the latest Umbro catalogue online here,

What are the types of custom clothing on offer?

Are you looking for customised team wearpersonalised sportswearembroidered polo shirts, or custom hoodies?

Call 01942 498120 to get a competitive quote and speak to our sales team today.

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